Florist based in Auckland. Weddings. Events. Floral styling. Freelance.


Growing up on rural Great Barrier Island I spent much of my childhood years outdoors, exploring the sea and native New Zealand forest. A self-sufficient island lifestyle also meant my parents had a large and abundant garden – a rambling and harmonious mix of vegetables, flowers and fruiting trees – which has instilled in me an everlasting appreciation of the changing seasons, gardening and the natural environment.


My academic and career background lie in landscape design and fine art. Becoming pregnant with my first child coincided with a career change to floristry and I knew immediately I had found my perfect creative medium.


My floral style is loose and naturalistic, my palette romantic and seasonal. I favour New Zealand-grown flowers and foliage that emphasise the beauty of each season and give each arrangement a unique sense of time and place, a moment that echoes the ephemeral nature of flowers themselves. I love to create arrangements that are layered with interesting textures and ingredients, retaining that sense of spontaneity and romance found in a freshly picked garden bunch. You can see some of my work here.


I offer custom florals for weddings and events and floral styling for editorial shoots or advertising; I’m also available for collaborations and for freelance work with florists and stylists. Please contact me if you’d like to discuss an idea. I look forward to hearing from you!